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Dear me,

I (Cheyenne) am 14 years old at the moment. I don't really have a favourite subject. My hobby is badminton and I play in the selection. I am a huge Directioner (fan from One Direction). I am going to attend two of their concerts, one is London and one in Amsterdam. I am really looking forward to it.

On the seventeenth of November my class will go to France on an exchange programme. My
correspondent is really nice and I am really looking forward to this too. We will arrive in France on Saturday  and we will have a break in Paris. The Sunday is a free day and you can do something with your correspondent. On Monday we will go and talk to their mayor and we will have a guided tour in their school. We will go to their school and take some classes with them. We will also visit to Saint Mont Michel, Saint Malo and some other sites.

We have a blog for history too, "Together with Jantje on the road", and this year we have to interview old teachers or old students from our school. And if you don't know a old teacher or student; you can look in old school newspapers. We do this because or school exists this year 65 years, and in september the school organised a huge party for the students that are now at school and the old ones will also be invited.

And last year we had to go with Jantje to buildings or places in our neighbourhood with a history. And at the end of last year we made a tour to all the places we had been to, and it was a lot of fun. And the last place we went was our town castle. Here we got something to drink and a piece of "vlaai". And then we walked back to the school and the holiday begun. The first day at school, I didn't want to go to school. But after one week I was getting used to it again.


6 March, 2013

Hello future me,

Yes, here I am again, your past you. Today it is the sixth of March 2013. This week is killing me at the moment. We have 8 tests this week. It's freaking me out. Luckily it is Wednesday and we have already had 5 out of 8 tests. Tomorrow we have a test for English. You have to fill in the irregular verbs in different times in sentences. And a Greek test. On Monday the teacher said  that we have to do the test tomorrow and I think I am going to fail. Because there are too many words and we have to learn grammar. I do not like it, because it is strange to learn the words from a different alphabet to the alphabet we use. And it is not so simple too.

Next week we have "blue zone" and it means the teachers cannot give us any tests. But the week after the "blue zone", we have the test week. Do you remember what it means? You have 6 days schooldays with 3 hours a day. Each day you have about 2/3 tests you have to make and somedays you have a study period. Than you can learn, for example for the next test, or for the next day. And after the test week we have 4 days off. Finally, a sort of holiday.

After the test week we have to make our final choice for our set of compulsory subjects. I know that I am going to choose NG, Nature and Health. I want to become a doctor, but not a 'normal' one. I want to work for Doctors Without Borders in Africa or somewhere. I want to help the people there, because I think it is not fair that we can live normally and than have to live with poverty. And then they get ill, and cannot pay for a doctor and leave it for what it is. And they become sicker and sicker. I will give them the opportunity to get the help from a doctor. Maybe you are already working there, or maybe I changed my mind. Perhaps I am doing something completely different. But I am sure about one thing, I am going to help these people!

Your past you.  

12 June, 2013

Hello future me,

This is already the last time I am writing for you. But I guess you do not need me. A lot of things happened since the last time I wrote for you. The French people came to your country, your correspondent slept at your house, which you didn't like because your parents demanded that she had to sleep in your bedroom, and there is still so many that I haven't said yet. I think you must forget a lot of things already so here is what you have done in detail:

The French people arrived at your school at 4.45 pm on saturday the first of June. After a short talk from your French teacher back in the days, you went home. It was really odd to see her again after 7 months and you did not know about what you should say to her. But that evening you went to an Italian restaurant with Maaike's family and after that you went to the 'kermis'. The correspondents did not believe their eyes, they never saw it before and started to film everything they saw. It was a nice evening after all.

Sunday you went swimming with the whole group. The swimming pool was renovated, they had new saunas, hot tubs etc.. It was very nice with everyone but the time we had was way too short. After we got home you had to eat something, take a shower and go to the bowling centre. You are such a great bowler (I am kidding), but you still managed to win.

Monday you went to Amsterdam. I do not know if you still do not like sitting in a bus or car, but you surely did not like it this time. You got bored even before the bus left and started eating. When you finally arrived in Amsterdam, they dropped you off on the Museumplein and you had to walk a route with questions. And we both know you very well, so you got lost in the first 5 minutes. But after all you found your way back and did a bit of shopping. The final stop in Amsterdam was the Anne Frank Huis, which was very interesting too. Even it was the second time you went to it.

Thursday you went to Maastricht. You went into the mines and did another route with questions and a bit of shopping. You bought a nice bracelet and shirt.

Wednesday was a sport sday. The sports were soccer, basketball, dance, judo, badminton and spinning. You liked all of the sports we did except judo and spinning. With judo you fell pretty hard on your back and you still had pain a week after it happened. And spinning just was not your thing. Even they played One Direction, which was the nicest part of the spinning of course. The night Tomas organised a dropping, and I really liked it. Tomas did a good job with that.

Tuesday was a bit of a lazy day. First you had to help with the language village. You had to check if the students did not work together, which was a bit boring. After that you had with only your class a math test. It was not bad at all, but some just were too difficult. After the math test you went to Landgraaf and did some hiking, which is not your thing too. But you helped the other people and after all it was a nice day. This day was the last evening so the night of the disco. The music was not so good at all but it still was a really funny evening. You danced pretty much and enjoyed the last evening with them .

On Friday morning they left again and you are probably never going to see them anymore. But it were a nice two weeks with them and I am sure to tell that you will do it over again if you could.  Good luck with the rest of your future, I think you are ready now. For growing up, go to the university, do whatever you want to do and enjoy your life. I have faith in you.

Your future you.

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  1. 'Sup, cool blog I really like it that you talk alot about Jantje, I totally forgot about that guy! How about you ask your past self some questionsas well?
    Anyway cool blog!

    -xx- Maud.A

  2. 'Sup, cool blog I really like it that you talk alot about Jantje, I totally forgot about that guy! How about you ask your past self some questionsas well?
    Anyway cool blog!

    -xx- Maud.A

  3. Hi! Nice blog! It's really cool you used a lot of subjects in your blog!

  4. You have a really nice blog with nice photo's! x Inge