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My name is Koen,

I live in Hoensbroek. My hobby is football and I have played it for 7 years now.


The first year at Sint-Jan wasn't very difficult, but I had to get used to learning every day. After a few months I got used to that. We had a big class, and many people were new to me. In my class there was just one girl that also has been in my class at primary school. It has been nice to have another teacher for each subject. In the end it was a very nice year. The second year the class had changed and we had to learn more and more, but we are getting used to that. We had a class with just 17 people. Some subjects were really boring. After a few weeks, while we had German, we heard about the iPad project. Our class was chosen for a project with iPads in classroom. We were going to do some subjects with the iPad. In October we all received an iPad, and after, that the subjects we are doing with the iPad have changed. We have the books on the iPad so we can leave them at home. Most teachers still need a book, so it isn't completely interactive. I can talk much longer about this project, but that will become boring.


This year we are going  on an exchange programme to France. In November of this year we will go to France, next year the French people will come to the Netherlands. Not all classes are doing the exchange programme, but our class was chosen because almost the whole class wanted to go to France. I think that we are very lucky. We are doing the exchange programme with the French school Ste.-Marie in Fougères. We will depart on Saturday 17 November, and first we will make a stop in Paris. Other things we are going to do are swimming, mudflat walking to the Mount Saint-Michel, beach sailing, a sports day and visit the castle of Fougères. In March next year the French people come to the Netherlands and we are going to visit Amsterdam, the castle of Hoensbroek, the caves in Valkenburg and many other things.

This was my blog for now,


13 March, 2013


It's been a long time since (I have written) my last blog.

The exchange programme was very nice. We have visited Paris, and also the Eiffel Tower.
We have done a lot of things in France. Such as beach sailing, bowling, a disco night and many other things. But afterwards, it was nice to be back in the Netherlands.

At school it is still as always, and next week we will have the second test week. We are working on several iPad projects. For history we are researching the persecution of Jews in the Second World War. For German we are trying to make a cartoon, but that takes a lot of time. We are also creating the English book trailer.

The weather here is still bad. It's raining or snowing all the time, and is cold. Time for summer!

This was my update.



13 June, 2013

Dear me,

The school year is almost over. Next week we have a test week, and after that, we have a vacation of seven weeks. Next year the classes are reclassified, so we are not all together in one class.

This year was very nice. We have done a lot with the iPad. We have made the book trailer, and we also had many projects in the other subjects. At the beginning of the year we haven't done much with the iPad. Then we started with this blog, and not much later the idea for the book trailer was conceived. It has been very nice to create the book trailer, and it isn't as boring as a normal book recommendation. We have learnt many new things during this year.

We also have chosen a profile for next year. I have chosen NT, that's the profile with physics, chemistry and maths.

Two weeks ago, the French people were here. We visited Amsterdam and Maastricht, we had a sports day, and we went to a climbing gym. At some points it was annoying to have the French people here. I couldn't do anything I wanted for example.

In the vacation I'm going to Italy for three weeks, but alas, we first have a test week...

Next year we can all continue with the iPad project individually. That means that the teachers won't teach with the iPad, so we won't have much support. But I’m glad that we can continue, and we can also use the iPad next year.

That was my last blog.
Bye, me.

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