woensdag 20 februari 2013

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I am Ivar. I am 14 years old. I have a big passion: Lego. I have a big collection. 

Sometimes, I am a little bit naive. I am not really reserved. I am happy most of the time. I love games, particularly Lego games. I don't take part in a sport club. But I did horseback riding for about a half year.

I am not good at sitting still. I am one of Jehovah's witnesses. We go to our church on Tuesday and Sunday. We do field service on Saturday.

I have ordered a game: lego star wars - the complete saga. It is released on Saturday.


This week we had to choose our set of compulsory subjects. I chose 'NG' with Latin, economics and history. We will make our final choice after the second test week. And that comes really fast.

Since last week I have played STAR WARS: The Old Republic. it's a really nice game, but the graphics are sometimes really bad. And in the first minutes after you've started, it lags almost the whole time.

Tomorrow we have two tests, one for Greek, and one for Chemistry. Chemistry is not hard at all, only the new material is a little bit difficult. And for Greek, we get a dictionary, that makes it a lot easier.

I' m now looking forward to 2015, because Disney bought Lucasarts for a the 'small amount' of 4 billion dollars, and they will make a Star Wars Episode 7, 8 and 9, and movies about Boba Fett, Han Solo and Yoda. Episode 7 will come in 2015.

Over and out

22 March, 2013

So, the follow-up of my blog. 

In my first writings I said a love gaming, so I will start with some exciting news! Many people are always waiting for new game releases. But now a game that no one had expected will be released: Rome II: total war. That looks a long time, but it isn't. Only for fanatic players is that a long time. Rome: total war was released in 2004.  So, it isn't weird that a this new game will be in the shops in a little time. But the first game was a success and many are still playing it, so it wasn't expected. 

But now over the new game. 8 playable factions are now known. More will come soon. The ones who whe know are: Rome, Carthage, Macedon, Iceni, Arverni, Suebi, Parthia and Egypt. Egypt is the last one that has been released. Rome is from Italy, Carthage from North-Africa, Macedon from Greece, Iceni from Brittain, Arverni from Gaul (France), Suebi from Germanica, Parthia from Iran and Egypt from Egypt. 
Of course there will be more non-playable factions, like the dacians, but that can be changed with a mod. I hope that they changed the multy player mode, like the terrain and other elements, so it looks more real. 

Now another subject. Our testweek is almost over. Only one day to go. I have nice notes. An 8,7 for biology, a 6,7 for chemistry, and my note for physics: I dont want to say that...
I don't know the other notes yet.

Over and out.

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  1. I don't understand your end "over and out". But you have described your passion for Stars Wars pretty good.

  2. By reading this blog, it becomes clear that you like Star Wars...A LOT!!!
    Only try to use the word "I" not so much the next time.