woensdag 20 februari 2013

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Dear me,

So who are you, me?

Let’s say you don’t know me, me.
I’m very sportive, at first sight I’m a bit shy but that will be over when you really know me, I can quite panic in the dark, and I love my friends. My favourite subjects at the moment are  (they change now and then) English, History and Gymnastics. Not because I’m good at it but I just enjoy doing it. And what kind of teacher it is, is important as well. The subjects I hate are math, Latin, Greeks, economics, chemics… (but this doesn’t depends on if I like it or the teacher, I just suck at them). My hobbies are playing hockey, I LOVE IT, and I play the piano, but I don't have so much time for it. 

How you doing, me? – alright me, I guess…

I’m constantly worrying about my grades, constantly questioning  myself if I have to continue Greeks and Latin, what kind of subjects I should choose next year. But overall I’m fine though :), I have great friends, and I do a lot of fun stuff. Even with the tons of homework we get every week… And with the class we’re going on an exchange to France, I’m so extremely excited!!! Or how they say in France, très heureux :) (thank you Google translator)

What are you doing now?

Now? At this moment? Well, writing a letter to myself. Sitting on a very uncomfortable chair, that hurts my back. Listening to the television in the living room and guessing what programme is on it. (I think According to Jim). Oh yeah, and breathing of course ;) 

What do you like to accomplish this year?

First I want to make it till next year, I’m very happy if that succeeds. And I would like to improve my French at the exchange. Improve my English. Improve my dancing (I’ve joined the dance event, with some friends, but every time I’m dancing the teachers faces are not so cheerful). And perhaps doing something for charity. There are so many people who are in a difficult situation, if you’re sad just put on the news and you will see that your problems aren’t so big.

So me, stay positive and don’t put your head down when it´s not going well. Just pull through it, and think 'what the hell'. 

Cheers to me!


14 March, 2013

Hi, me!

It's been a long time ago since I've written to you. Some things have changed for sure ! But first I want to talk about the exchange, it was really awesome! I have learned so much! My French has really improved. Some change is that the idea of becoming a doctor has gone another way. I'm now going all the way with languages, in my profile that I'm about to choose are several languages. Including French, German, English and Dutch (those two are standard) and perhaps Latin. But I don't think that's going to work out. Oh and I am now fifteen years old. I hope you're a little bit up to date :) 

It has really been a long time. 

XXX Inge 

23 June, 2013

Hello guys! 

How was this year? In short: AWESOME! The exchange was of course the highlight of the year, and I definitly improved my French. The year went really fast, but I've also worked a lot for school. The  homework was killing me. I've learnt that I'm a disaster in chemics, that I perhaps want to study a language (French), but also that I perhaps want to do a social study. I'm really curious who I'm going to be in the future. Next year is going to be a lot different, and I'm really going to miss my class... 

But keep your head up and don't forget to smile once in a while! 



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  1. Hey,
    I like the way you wrote it.
    And the last photo, is just you whaha
    Xx Britt

  2. Hey Inge,
    You have got your very own way of writing.
    Good job (:
    XxX Sophie