woensdag 20 februari 2013

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Dear me,

Hello, my name is Tomas, I am a student in class G3a at the Sint-Jan's College. I'm thirteen years old and I live in Merkelbeek. I've got a few fish in my garden and I live with my brother and parents. I was very nervous when I went back to school this year. But I didn't have to; we have the same class as last year, so I saw a lot of my old friends again.

This year is going to be a very hard year; a lot of study, and we have to choose a set of compulsory subjects. I think I am going to choose 'Nature and techniek' (Physics and technology), because I think I like that the most. This year,I am sitting next to Ivar, just like last year. This year we have three extra lessons: chemistry, biology and physics. Last year we also had music and drawing, but we don't have that anymore.

We work with the iPad in class, we have started with that last year as a project to see if we could work properly with an iPad. We use the iPad for History, German, Geography, English etc. At home we use the iPad for study, taking notes and of course to play games.

This year our class will join in on an exchange programme to France together with another class. We will visit the Mont Saint Michel, Saint Malo, Rennea etc. I am really looking forward to it, but we have to write letters with them. That isn't going really great, because they don't write much back. We are going in November for a week and they will come to the Netherlands in May. When we go on the exchange, we have to do some assignments when we are in France: we have to talk about some normal topics; we have to keep a diary about what we are doing there and we have to prepare a presentation on something we saw in France. We will also visit Paris on our journey to it!

I have another hobby: I play the bugle; it's a musical instrument. In a month I will have to do my Hafa C exam and I have to study really hard for it. I play in the brass band in Merkelbeek and I really like it.

We have a band that we formed two years ago Gunpowder! We have had several performances the last two years and we have our next performance this month. We are with 10 people: a few bugles, three trumpets, a saxophone and percussion. It is very fun to play with your friends in a band.

I hope that by the end of the year a lot of things have actually come along.

See you soon,


13 March, 2013

Hey me,

What's up? It's been a long time! Well, I have read your previous letter and I think that it didn't turn out that bad!

For instance, the exchange went pretty well. I had a very nice and friendly family and my exchange student did pretty well too. We have done a lot of great things on the exchange; we went to Mont Saint Michel, Saint Malo. We went swimming, beach sealing and walking. We went to Paris and Omaha Beach. Also the French behavior wasn't that bad either. We had a fun time in France and I'm really looking forward to June, because then the French students will come to the Netherlands. I hope we have as much fun here, as we had over there.

Another example, the iPad project is going well. The Open Day of our school is this week and as a project for German, we had to make a cartoon for the Open Day. It isn't quite ready, but I hope we will make it in time.

Then there is this project for English. The 'Dear Me' and also that is going well. Another thing we have to do fot English is to make a 'Book Trailer'. That isn't quite as easy as this, but I'm still managing. 

For History we'll get new projects the next term, so that's something to look forward to.
Let me see, anything else?

Right, my music carreer. I've passed my exams and succeeded with an A +. I'm doing fine playing the Bugle and in a few weeks' time, we will have a sort of competition, so nothing to worry about! 

Also, the test week is coming up, so I/ You will have to study (again). But it isn't that hard.

So me, satisfied of what's happened the last half year? Well, I honestly can see it was sometimes fun and sometimes terrible, but hey, That is life.

So see you later, me!!!

23 June, 2013

So....... That's it then. The final tests, notes, books and everything. Vacation! And after some year! A great year. A fun year. A amazing year. 

And some things to look back to. An exchange with France. A whole year with an iPad. Great teachers, great students. 

If I read my first letter now and I look at what has happened all this year it was awesome. I hope next year it will be equally great. I am really going to miss this class. I really liked almost everything this year. And now..... Vacation!

See ya all next year!


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  1. I really like the things you have written down, but maybe you could add some photos the next time.