donderdag 21 februari 2013

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Dear me,

How are you doing? I'm doing just fine at the moment. It is november right now, that means that it is almost Christmas. My hobbies are: playing video games and sports. At the beginning of this year I was mostly excited, because I would get new subjects like chemistry and biology. Our school also was introduced to "Magister"; it is a sort of website where you can see all your notes for tests from this year ánd previous year, so that means that everbody can see your notes! Well, if they have the code to log in onto the website. Now that we're talking about notes, let's talk about subjects. The subject that I disliked the most previous year has to be Greek, it is just so boring! And my favourite subject has to be chemistry, I just like learning things about molecules and all that kind of stuff.

Something that I want to achieve this year: I want all my results to be a "7" or higher, I'm very sure I can accomplish that. And the end of this year, I want to go further on "gymnasium" level, only not with Greek, I will drop that subject and switch it with biology. 

It is only one month until the next vacation, I hope the test-week isn't going to be that hard. Well, we've already had weeks that looked like many tests! But I'm also already excited what I will get for Christmas, will it be a stupid present or a nice one?

So, do recognize yourself in this letter a little bit? Have you accomplished what you wanted to accomplish? Are your results all a "7" or higher? Did you get a nice present or a stupid one? 

Please let me know.


your past self

17 April, 2013

Dear me,

Remember what you said about Greek? Well, surprise! We have a new teacher and the subject isn't that bad anymore. Until now, not all my results are a "7" or higher, I have a 6.7 for geograhpics and a 6.8 for PE. I have a test next week for geographic, so that's my chance to crank up my note a bit. On my "profile choice" I decided I want to go further with gymnasium with the subject Latin. 
It is only two weeks until the next vacation, so next week looks more like a test-week to me!We have waaaaaay to0 many tests and I will be glad when we finally got two weeks off!
Good Bye!Paul

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  1. I think most weeks with tests we had were almost the same as THE test-week. I agree that we have way too much. Is everything still a 7 or higher? Oh, and, what did you get for Christmas?