woensdag 20 februari 2013

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Dear future me,

Remember me? You, from a school year ago. The kid that loves Zelda and Yu-Gi-Oh. I wrote this on 31 October at 21:22. Yep just watched Pokémon and drank some coke like always.

Now I’m supposed to write about the beginning of my school year. So this is what I thought of it:

It really sucked at the beginning, I had 2 months of vacation and now I have to make 4 test a week and wake up every day at 7:30. And do you know what really annoyed me? The fact that everyone thought I had no self-esteem! I don’t talk much because I really don’t feel like talking about how pretty that werewolf guy is from Twilight or about the fact that this guy liked that girl but she like that other guy, well you get the point. I kind of want to know what your favorite Pokémon is, what do you want to be when you grow up? What is the meaning of your dreams? What made you fall in love whit your current hobbies?
Maybe, when this ‘blog thingy’ is put on the internet, readers will answer it, if they do, I can think about their thoughts and tell them mine as well.
I think I’m overreacting, there was a good thing, my looks improved, my hair is much longer and thicker now and the glasses are gone and I made some cool friends,  This year is going to be awesome!

But who am I only talking about myself, I have a lot of things to ask you, for example:

-        Have you already talked to him ? No?  Well, grow a pair and start a conversation!
-        Did you win the YGO competition in Den Haag?
-        How are your grades I heard they were pretty awful.
-        Did Miyamoto retire? I hope not…  but he did, didn’t he…?
-        Did you save some money for the PS3 and Skyrim?
       (btw.  The PS4 is coming out soon and the WiiU has some pretty good games as well)

Guess what? Because I’m you from the past I know you have some problems with laziness  
so here are some tips:

-        Don’t do your hair in a bun, it’s practical but not pretty.
-        Heels, you’re going to stumble, you’re going to fall, but your legs are going to look   
-        I know you don’t want to wake up early but use some make-up in the morning.

Well that is it for today so to you, my dear friend, see you later!

Sincerely , Past you.

Maud A.  G3A

11 March, 2013

Dear Past me,

How are you doing? I saw you wrote me a letter, that’s… old-fashioned I guess..

When I read your letter I noticed something, someone has been stretching the truth a little bit.
We all know you’re curious about someone’s thoughts, but we also know you don’t talk because you don’t care about the daily topics, but because you’re the most socially awkward human being ever existed.  How do I know ? Because people started to ask you the questions you wrote me and you just forgot everything about yourself, I was surprised you still remembered your name. I’m here to help you so I wrote the important things down so you won’t forget:

When you grow up you really want to be a accountant. Why? Because he or she makes money. Why do you want the money? Money makes the rules, a lot people use it to do what they want, but it can also be used to help the world, to feed starving children, save tortured animals etc. In other words: with money you can become a lawful Robin hood, work for the rich and donate it to the poor. Your parents don’t like the idea and think you’re just too idealistic and it doesn’t fit in this society, sure society can make you do they want, like…  gods. It’s  just too bad I’m a non-believer.
      Your favourite hobby is playing video games, I have so say you’re not a hardcore gamer, but I can find you 6 hours a week playing silent hill on your PS2. Why did you start playing video games? You have always had a hard time at making friends, you were shy, didn’t have the same hobbies as everyone else, you just didn’t fall in line, because you couldn’t make a lot of friends you took the decision to escape to fictional worlds like Pallet town or Hyrule kingdom. Now, 7 years later your social skills have improved, you have made your friends but you have kept playing video games because they were too much fun.

     Actually it’s pretty awesome people answered your questions, there are true heroes in your  class, one of my friends wants to be a vet to save poor animals, a girl in my class wants to be  a doctor and go to Africa to aid the helpless, awesome right? By the way, you asked me some questions as well, so I’m going to answer them:

      I haven’t been to the YGO competition yet, but with my new deck I’m sure I’m going to win.

        My grades are getting better, they are not the best grades, but not the worst either.

     Good news, Miyamoto’s retirement was only a rumor, instead of retiring he is making three new Zelda games: a Majora’s mask remake, a Wind waker remake and a brand new Zelda

      I’m probably going to buy a PS4 and maybe Skyrim later for my laptop.

Yeah… about that guy… uhhm… he kind of… fell in love with the best friend of your  sister… I’m sorry.

But there is also good news! I followed your tips and I’m feeling prettier already! I also feel tired already, so I think I should go to sleep.

This is probably going to be my last letter so to you my friend, I hope our pads will cross somewhere.

Maud. A

12 June, 2013

Hi there, haven't seen you in a while,

So the end of the year is finally here! And I have to thank you, I've learned a lot of you and we have a lot to catch up. I don't have Greek and Latin anymore for the rest of my life. I passed this year and there is no way I could mess up my grades right now! 

The YGO competition...? IT... WAS... AMAZING! I was in Haarlem and the city was so beautiful and big, when I came to the competition everyone seemed to be a copy of everyone, everyone was wearing the same, acting the same, shared the same interests, in the end it was just a YGO-Zelda-Anime gathering! I've met a 24 year old girl with a lot of talent that is my 'teacher in YGO' now, she gave me lessons and a lot of tips. In a few years when I've improved my deck, I'll return, I am really forward to it.
oh...the guy... well it was 2,5 years ago when I had a crush on him and a lot of things happened and we haven't talked in a long time. I don't wanna get all braggy about it, but I've met an other guy that is really nice and caring and amazing. I tought about what you said about growing a pair and I did, I asked him out and he is my boyfriend now for 6 weeks and hopefully many more.

It's weird, I started this year with a bad attitude, bad grades, a broken heart and weary eyes. But now, everything has just worked out perfectly. I'll make it to next year, I feel really excited, I've got a mended heart and butterflies going crazy in my tummy. The stangest thing is: I can't remember doing anything for it... it almost seems to be coincidence, a script, fate or just action-reaction where a small action kept chaining huge reactions. I guess the world is just  a strange place...

There is only one thing that didn't work out... this is the last letter to you and the wind of chance didn't make me meet you, too bad because we seem to have so much in common, so much it almost makes me think were the same person... strange.

Anyway I have learned a lot of you and I will still pray for us to meet each other one day.


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  1. I love the way you write!
    Very nice Maud!


  2. I LOVE IT. I really like the way you have written it down.

  3. I really like the way you wrote it, it is really special and cool
    X Britt

  4. That's a nice way of writing a blog. I would have never came up with that. (Oh, and yeah, you should save some money for Skyrim. I'm replaying it at the moment. It still is a great game :P)

  5. It's really great written and it's very
    cool. Keep up the good work :)


  6. I think your style of writing a blog is awesome! You describe yourself great and you explain your love for games very well!