woensdag 20 februari 2013

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Dear me,

My name is Bram, and I’m sixteen years old. Currently, I’m in secondary school in Hoensbroek, I really like it there! Since my parents divorced, I have lived in two places. My dad lives in Geleen, my mother in Merkelbeek. In Geleen I also have a stephbrother, his name is Jelle. He is really cool!

My hobbies are playing the drums, and actually al kinds of percussion where sticks and slamming are involved. I also love to play on my Xbox and computer when it’s too cold to go outside. When it’s warm, I either ride my longboard (it’s a longer version of the skateboard), or I’m surfing. On my summer holidays, I always go to England with my mom. My favourite part of England is Cornwall. It’s really beautiful, there’s; a lot of waves to surf and the people are really nice!

You may think I’m a very active person, but that’s not totally true. I can also be very lazy, and I love food! My favourite food is pizza. There is actually no food that I really dislike, though. Except for fruit. J

What I want to achieve in the future, first of all, I want to succesfully finish my study. My biggest wish would be to go to Hawaii sometime and to surf at Waikiki Beach!

I also want to spend more time on longboarding in the future, I really want to progress, so maybe, somewhere in the future, I can participate in the ‘Maryhill festival of speed’.

School can be pretty busy at times, so I need to find a balance between doing what I like, and school. So I want to spend time on my hobbies, but I want to do well at school too. 



13 March, 2013

Things have been pretty well at school recently. I still need to work on some subjects, but I'm studying really hard for the test week. At home things are not so great, but I hope it will get better soon. For English we now have to make a 'book trailer'; we need to read an English book, and make a video about it. I think it's some sort of commercial or reccomendation about the book. And I think it's pretty fun to do too. So, that's pretty much all for now... I'll keep you updated. ;-)

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  1. I love to play on my computer when it's too cold (or too hot) to go outside too! And I hope you will accomplish your wish of going to Hawaii. The weather's nice there, so if you go surfing there one day, take me with you :P