zaterdag 23 februari 2013

Blog Bob W.

Dear me,

You know me, right?

I’m Bob W.  and I’m fourteen years old. I live in Brunssum with my brother, Max and Willem, and my parents. And luckily, my house is only 5 minutes away from school, St. - Janscollege in Hoensbroek. 

My hobby is gaming, and because of that I spend a lot of time on my PC and Xbox gaming or just browsing the web. I also love to do stuff with my friends, like watching movies. And last but not least, listening to music is my passion !

I don’t do sports anymore, but I practiced freerun and I played soccer some years ago. I would describe myself as a lazy person, though in the weekends I am very active. I also love food, especially pizza and French fries !

But of course you know me ! It’s you from the past !

This year we will have an exchange project with France. We will go to France for one week in November and they will come to Holland sometime after Easter. I’m also looking forward to using the science lab. Unfortunately, they are renewing it and we have to wait till autumn.

I hope to pass this year with good grades, like a ‘7’ or higher. Because I want to continue my study on gymnasium, although I hate Greek, so I think I’ll choose Latin. I don’t know which subsidiary subject I’m going to choose: Biology or German?


Past you!

13 March, 2013

Hey Bob,

It’s me again. You thought I wouldn’t bother you again, didn’t you?

Well, the exchange project with France was awesome! We visited a lot of fun things, like Mont Saint Michel (an abbey in the middle of a lake), Rennes and Saint-Malo. On our way back we also visited the coasts of Normandy (Point du Hoc) and the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial, which was very impressive! Long story short: it was an once-in-a-lifetime experience!

And the science labs you were talking about? Those are also very cool; it’s much more fun than learning from a book! We have already done various things, ranging from turning on a burner to “paper chromatography.”

Oh, and my grades? Well, they are very good! At least, I am happy with them. All in all, I don’t have any sixes or lower! And I think I made my choice about the subjects I was talking about; I think I will choose ‘NT’ with Latin and German as subsidiary subjects. But I need to think about that. Will you tell me next time?


Your past self! 

12 June, 2013

12 June, 2013

Dear me,

It’s me again for the third (and last) time. After this letter I won’t bother you again, future me ;)

Everything is going well, although we have a testweek coming up. We have a lot of test from the 14th of June till the 21th of June. Luckily my birthday, the 2nd of July, is only 3 weeks away from now. My grades are good and I kept my promise that I made in my first letter: All my points are (rounded) a ‘7’ or higher! As for the subjects: I chose ‘NT’, with lots of math, science and physics. The language I chose is Latin and my subsidiary subject is Biology, which ‘upgrades’ me to ‘NT’ + ‘NG’.

One week ago our French correspondents came to Holland and we had a lot of fun. We went to Maastricht and Amsterdam; we went swimming and bowling, and so on. The last evening we had a party and the 7th of June the French left again.

Looking back at this year I had a great time. I had a lot of fun with my friends; we worked with the iPad for another year; we had the exchange with France, and much much more. Next year our class will split up, which is something I really don’t like. The last two years our class consisted of mostly the same people and everybody’s used to that. In our class everyone is very friendly and you can count on all of them. I’m kinda going to miss my class, actually…

Well it’s time for me to go now.
I hope you enjoyed my letters, future me!

Your past self!

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  1. Hey,

    Where did you practice freerunning? Nice blog by the way!

    Cheers, Bob T.