woensdag 30 januari 2013

About the Dear Me Blog

Thank you for visiting our Dear Me Blog !

My name is Mrs Sangers-Keuren and I am one of the English teachers at the Sint-Janscollege in Hoensbroek. I love teaching English because it’s a wonderful language that is spoken all over the world. I have been working at this school since 1998. When I am not teaching I love reading, watching films and collecting beautiful vintage design to decorate my home.
Since the beginning of this school year (2012-2013), I have had the privilege of teaching English with an iPad. Along the way, I have learnt that the iPad is a wonderful tool for language learners; the ways it can be used to support and enhance pupil learning are endless !

My fourteen pupils (SG3A) were given the following assignment in October 2012:
“You are going to write a so-called “Dear me” blog in this first term of school, using your I-Pad. You will be writing a blog introducing yourself. There’s nobody you know better than yourself, right ?! Share your insights today with a past You, or a future You. In this blog you are to discuss your feelings about starting a new school year, what you loved or hated about the previous school year, and what you expect to learn this year. It’s about being honest, real, and true to yourself.”

The individual “Dear me” blogs are a kind of digital portfolios. We are sharing our writing with a global audience and we would like to learn from it. Since the pupils all have an iPad, we are able to blog at the same time. And, also very important, we help each other.

The pupils have been told that they must not post their last name, or give any other private information. We hope you will check out our individual “Dear Me“ blogs and leave us comments. We love comments ! Please use positive language. Our goal is to do our utmost ;-)

I will try to keep blogging and comments by pupils as authentic as possible. The pupils may have grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors, but please remember these pupils are still learning how to become better writers. Hopefully over time you will notice the improvements in our writing. I hope that in July we can all look back and say “Look at all the work we have been doing and how far we have come !”

Well, in the coming weeks and months, we hope to be able to offer you something interesting.

We hope to see you again soon !

Mrs. Sangers-Keuren

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